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Data Visualizations in Urban Metabolism Research

This is an archived Stakeholders Initiative project.

There are many ways to visualize your results in urban metabolism research. However, it is a challenge to design a map or diagram that is clear and appealing at the same time, and that captures the full extent of your dataset. Should you use sankey diagrams, maps, or other visual representations? What software to use? How to make it look professional without spending a lot of time on it? At the Metabolism of Cities website we want to enlist your help to answer those questions! We are setting up a Stakeholders Initiative and invite everyone to join the discussion. Data Visualizations will be our first topic of discussion, running from October-December 2016. In this period, we will publish blog posts (guest contributions are welcome), host online discussions, take stock of work in this field, and build or expand on open source software that can help develop data visualizations.

Introduction to Data Visualizations

Introduction post on our blog by Aristide Athanassiadis. This post discusses what type of visualizations to use, which software to use, and provides some examples of data visualizations.

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Data Visualizations Examples

In this section we posted around 100 data visualizations! At the end of our Stakeholders Initiative we hosted a voting contest and our visitors selected the best visualization in the list.

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Creating your own online data visualizations

In this blog post Paul Hoekman describes several tools you can use to develop your own online data visualizations. These includes useful how-to's to get started.

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A collection of useful links related to data visualization.

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