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11 publications found.

Defining and advancing a systems approach for sustainable cities

Journal Article
Xuemei Bai and Alyson Surveyer and Thomas Elmqvist and Franz W Gatzweiler and Burak Güneralp and Susan Parnell and Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard and Paul Shrivastava and José Gabriel Siri and Mark Stafford-Smith and Jean-Patrick Toussaint and Robert Webb

Uncovering driving forces on urban metabolism—A case of Shenyang

Journal Article
Lu Sun and Huijuan Dong and Yong Geng and Zhaoling Li and Zhe Liu and Tsuyoshi Fujita and Satoshi Ohnishi and Minoru Fujii

The Baltimore School of Urban Ecology: Space, Scale and Time for the Study of Cities

Journal Article
Grove, J.M. and Cadenasso, M. and Pickett, S.T.A. and Burch, W.R., Jr. and Machlis, G.E.

Stadtentwicklung im Nexus von Ressourcenschonung und Klimaschutz

Journal Article
Müller, Daniel B., and

Metabolism of the Anthroposphere: Analysis, Evaluation, Design

Journal Article
Peter Baccini and Paul Brunner

The components of Charleroi's ecosystem and the prospects for regional socio-economic development (preliminary study).

Journal Article
Duvigneaud, P. and Denayer, S. and Brichard, C. and Brichard, C. and Bouchat, A. and Moniquet, J.-C. and Chasseur, C.

L'écosystème URBS: L'écosystème urbain bruxellois

Journal Article
Duvigneaud, P. and Denayer-De Smet, S.