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7 publications found.

Dynamic type-cohort-time approach for the analysis of energy reductions strategies in the building stock

Journal Article
Vásquez, Felipe, and Løvik, Amund N., and Sandberg, Nina Holck, and Müller, Daniel B.

Mapping the anthropogenic stock in Germany: Metabolic evidence for a circular economy

Journal Article
Georg Schiller and Felix Müller and Regine Ortlepp

Cities and greenhouse gas emissions: moving forward

Journal Article
Hoornweg, Daniel and Sugar, Lorraine and Trejos Gomez, Claudia Lorena

Material Flow Analysis of the City of Hamburg

Journal Article
Hammer, Mark and Giljum, Stefan and Hinterberger, Friedrich

Materials Flow Analysis of the Italian Economy

Journal Article
de Marco, Ottilia

Resource flows: the material basis of industrial economies

Journal Article
Adriaanse, Albert and Bringezu, Stefan and Hammond, Allen and Moriguchi, Yuichi and Rodenburg, Eric and Rogich, Donald and Schütz, Helmut

Essay on the metabolism of Berlin

Journal Article
Theodor Weyl