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El metabolismo económico regional español

This project analyzes the metabolic patterns of the different Spanish provinces with a detailed assessment of domestic extraction, interregional and international trade that helps to establsih the Spanish regional differences. Furthermore, the project entails the period 1996-2010 covering the peak of the Spanish real-estate bubble and the first years of the crisis.

Óscar Carpintero (Director), Sergio Sastre, Pedro Lomas, Iñaki Arto, José Bellver, Manuel Delgado, Xoán Doldán, Jaime Fernández, José Frías, Xavier Ginard, Ana C. González, Miguel Gual, Ivan Murray, José Manuel Naredo, Jesús Ramos, Esther Velázquez, Sebas
Supervisor(s) / Coordinator(s)
Óscar Carpintero
FUHEM Ecosocial
Completion target date
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