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Reverse Desertification - Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is suffering with desertification. During the summer times the temperatures reach 45 degrees and during the the whole span of a year the rainwater accumulation is far from sufficient for the hierarchical distribution. It can be resolved if new theories are proposed, visualised and applied. It is the accumulation of rain and it's distribution that can define and revitalise the island. At this stage of the project we are focusing on the agriculture need for water.

This ongoing project is currently at the stage of visualisation of GIS-data into an informative and communicative way to bring awareness to non-experts on desertification effective layers. The aim is to later introduce guidance and proposals on the matter of rainwater collection, saving and distribution.

The geoportal website of the Cypriot Government provides a great amount of GIS data and all are open-source. It is from there that we take initiative and on the way to developing a software that brings awareness on environmental issue concerning Cyprus.

Marios Messios

Marios Messios
Supervisor(s) / Coordinator(s)
Prof. Simone Giostra
Politecnico di Milano
Completion target date
June 2017
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