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Feasibility study of an urban MFA in Cape Town, South Africa

I am undertaking a feasibility study. My goal is to find out how feasible it is to perform an EW-MFA on an urban scale using the EUROSTAT methodology in South Africa - principally focused on the city of Cape Town. In order to do so, I undertook an EW-MFA on the city using the 2013 Eurostat Methodological Guide. Throughout the process of data collection, all activities were logged and data quality was assessed using an adapted pedigree matrix (based on the LCA pedigree matrix). The outcome is a detailed analysis of how time is spent, where challenges lie, and an insight into data availability and quality.

Paul Hoekman
Supervisor(s) / Coordinator(s)
Harro von Blottnitz
University of Cape Town
Completion target date
Work completed in 2015
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