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Urban Metabolism Publications

This section provides a collection of papers related to Material Flow Analysis. These papers have been found in a variety of journals, as well as in collections from EUROSTAT, universities, and research institutes. If you are looking for a specific topic, then consider using our search engine which allows you to quickly filter through the database.

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477 publications found.
Title Author(s) Year
Carbon footprints of 13 000 cities Moran, Daniel and Kanemoto, Keiichiro and Jiborn, Magnus and Wood, Richard and Többen, Johannes and Seto, Karen C 2018
The Weight of Cities: Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization Swilling, M. and Hajer, M. and Baynes, T. and Bergesen, J. and Labbé, F. and Musango, J.K. and Ramaswami, A. and Robinson, B. and Salat, S. and Suh, S. and Currie, P. and Fang, A. and Hanson, A and Kruit, K. and Reiner, M. and Smit, S. and Tabory, S. 2018
Towards a more circular construction sector: Estimating and spatialising current and future non-structural material replacement flows to maintain urban building stocks André Stephan and Aristide Athanassiadis 2018
A Database to Facilitate a Process-Oriented Approach to Urban Metabolism Ravalde, Tom and Keirstead, James 2017
A Hybrid Approach for Assessing the Multi-Scale Impacts of Urban Resource Use: Transportation in Phoenix, Arizona Clark, Susan Spierre and Chester, Mikhail V. 2017
An Urban Metabolism and Carbon Footprint Analysis of the Jing-Jin-Ji Regional Agglomeration Zheng, Hongmei and Fath, Brian D. and Zhang, Yan 2017
Analysis of Urban Metabolism Cycles for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourist City. The Case of Miramar (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Testa, Joaquín and Bertoni, Marcela and Maffioni, Julieta 2017
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Kovacic, Z. and Giampietro, M. 2017
Comparing performance metrics for multi-resource systems: the case of urban metabolism Tom Ravalde and James Keirstead 2017
Conceptualising slum in an urban African context Suzanne Smit and Josephine Musango and Zora Kovacic and Alan Brent 2017
Connecting land-use and water planning: Prospects for an urban water metabolism approach S. Serrao-Neumann and M. Renouf and S.J. Kenway and D. Low Choy 2017
Contributions of Local Farming to Urban Sustainability in the Northeast United States Goldstein, Benjamin P. and Hauschild, Michael Z. and Fernández, John E. and Birkved, Morten 2017
Downscaling Aggregate Urban Metabolism Accounts to Local Districts Horta, Isabel M. and Keirstead, James 2017
Evaluation Approaches for Advancing Urban Water Goals Renouf, Marguerite A. and Kenway, Steven J. 2017
Exploring the energy use drivers of 10 cities at microscale level Aristide Athanassiadis , Gabriela Fernandez, Joao Meirelles , Franziska Meinherz , Paul Hoekman , Yves Bettignies Cari 2017
Global scenarios of urban density and its impacts on building energy use through 2050 Güneralp, Burak and Zhou, Yuyu and Ürge-Vorsatz, Diana and Gupta, Mukesh and Yu, Sha and Patel, Pralit L. and Fragkias, Michail and Li, Xiaoma and Seto, Karen C. 2017
Impact of the Economic Structure of Cities on Urban Scaling Factors: Implications for Urban Material and Energy Flows in China Ramaswami, Anu and Jiang, Daqian and Tong, Kangkang and Zhao, Jerry 2017
Material flow analysis of the residential building stock at the city of Rio de Janeiro Condeixa, Karina and Haddad, Assed and Boer, Dieter 2017
Prospecting the Urban Mine of Amsterdam Ester van der Voet, Ruben Huele, Alexander Koutamanis, Boukje van Reijn, Ellen van Bueren, Job Spiering,Tom Demeyer, Gerard Roemers, Merlijn Blok 2017
Quantifying and mapping embodied environmental requirements of urban building stocks Stephan, André and Athanassiadis, Aristide 2017
The contribution of the informal economy to urban sustainability - case study of waste management in Tepito, Mexico City Louise Guibrunet 2017
The Life Cycle Assessment of an Energy-Positive Peri-Urban Residence in a Tropical Regime Bukoski, Jacob J. and Chaiwiwatworakul, Pipat and Gheewala, Shabbir H. 2017
The Nexus of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Biodiversity Impacts from Urban Metabolism Singh, Shweta and Kennedy, Christopher 2017
Transforming the Cement Industry into a Key Environmental Infrastructure for Urban Ecosystem: A Case Study of an Industrial City in China Cao, Xin and Wen, Zongguo and Tian, Haikui and De Clercq, Djavan and Qu, Lili 2017
Urban Metabolism for Resource-Efficient Cities: from Theory to Implementation Josephine Kaviti Musango and Paul Currie and Blake Robinson 2017
Urban metabolism: A review with reference to Cape Town Paul Klugman Currie and Josephine Kaviti Musango and Nhlanhla Desire May 2017
Using Web‐Based Technology to Bring Hands‐On Urban Material Flow Analysis to the Classroom Gara Villalba and Paul Hoekman 2017
A bibliometric review on natural resource accounting during 1995-2014 Shaozhuo Zhong and Yong Geng and Wenjing Liu and Cuixia Gao and Wei Che 2016
A method for determining buildings' material composition prior to demolition Fritz Kleemann, Jakob Lederer, Philipp Aschenbrenner, Helmut Rechberger, Johann Fellner 2016
A multi-year, multi-scale analysis of urban sustainability Anat Dor and Meidad Kissinger 2016
A review of urban metabolism studies to identify key methodological choices for future harmonization and implementation Didier Beloin-Saint-Pierre and Benedetto Rugani and Sébastien Lasvaux and Adélaïde Mailhac and Emil Popovici and Galdric Sibiude and Enrico Benetto and Nicoleta Schiopu 2016
African Urbanization: Assimilating Urban Metabolism into Sustainability Discourse and Practice Currie, Paul Klugman and Musango, Josephine Kaviti 2016
An evaluation of the urban metabolism of Macao from 2003 to 2013 Kampeng Lei and Lu Liu and Inchio Lou 2016
An Urban Approach to Planetary Boundaries Hoornweg, Daniel and Hosseini, Mehdi and Kennedy, Christopher and Behdadi, Azin 2016
An urban metabolism approach to the water supply of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Stephen Passmore 2016
Assessing urban sustainability of Chinese megacities: 35 years after the economic reform and open-door policy Lu Huang and Lijiao Yan and Jianguo Wu 2016
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Zora Kovacic and Mario Giampietro 2016
Cape Town's Metabolism: Insights from a Material Flow Analysis Hoekman, Paul and von Blottnitz, Harro 2016
Changes of human time and land use pattern in one mega city's urban metabolism: a multi-scale integrated analysis of Shanghai Lu, Yangsiyu and Geng, Yong and Qian, Yiying and Han, Wenyi and McDowall, Will and Bleischwitz, Raimund 2016
City Carbon Footprint Networks Chen, Guangwu and Wiedmann, Thomas and Hadjikakou, Michalis and Rowley, Haze 2016
Comparing a territorial-based and a consumption-based approach to assess the local and global environmental performance of cities Aristide Athanassiadis and Maarten Christis and Philippe Bouillard and An Vercalsteren and Robert H. Crawford and Ahmed Z. Khan 2016
Contesting Urban Metabolism: Struggles Over Waste-to-Energy in Delhi, India Demaria, F. and Schindler, S. 2016
Defining and advancing a systems approach for sustainable cities Xuemei Bai and Alyson Surveyer and Thomas Elmqvist and Franz W Gatzweiler and Burak Güneralp and Susan Parnell and Anne-Hélène Prieur-Richard and Paul Shrivastava and José Gabriel Siri and Mark Stafford-Smith and Jean-Patrick Toussaint and Robert Webb 2016
Dynamic type-cohort-time approach for the analysis of energy reductions strategies in the building stock Vásquez, Felipe, and Løvik, Amund N., and Sandberg, Nina Holck, and Müller, Daniel B. 2016
Eight energy and material flow characteristics of urban ecosystems Xuemei Bai 2016
Energy intensities of urban form: a gravitational analysis for the Metropolitan City of Milan and Lombardy region, Italy Qichao Zhao, Gabriela Fernandez, Eugenio Morello 2016
Enhanced Performance of the Eurostat Method for Comprehensive Assessment of Urban Metabolism: A Material Flow Analysis of Amsterdam Voskamp, Ilse M. and Stremke, Sven and Spiller, Marc and Perrotti, Daniela and van der Hoek, Jan Peter and Rijnaarts, Huub H. M. 2016
Étude socio-économique et bilan matières de la région Aquitaine Deboutière Adrian and Georgeault Laurent 2016
Étude socio-économique et bilan matières de la région Bretagne Deboutière Adrian & Georgeault Laurent 2016
Étude socio-économique et bilan matières de la région Haute-Normandie Deboutière Adrian & Georgeault Laurent 2016
Étude socio-économique et bilan matières de la région Rhône-Alpes Deboutière Adrian & Georgeault Laurent 2016
Examining the historical and present energy metabolism of a Rust Belt City: Syracuse, NY 1840--2005 Balogh, Stephen and Hall, Charles AS and Gamils, Drew V and Popov, Alexander M and Rose, Ryan T 2016
Flows, system boundaries and the politics of urban metabolism: Waste management in Mexico City and Santiago de Chile Louise Guibrunet and Martin Sanzana Calvet and Vanesa Castán Broto 2016
Follow the N and P road: High-resolution nutrient flow analysis of the Flanders region as precursor for sustainable resource management Joeri Coppens and Erik Meers and Nico Boon and Jeroen Buysse and Siegfried E. Vlaeminck 2016
GIS‐based Analysis of Vienna's Material Stock in Buildings Kleemann, Fritz and Lederer, Jakob and Rechberger, Helmut and Fellner, Johann 2016
Global Sustainable City-Regions: Mumbai, Shenzhen, Reykjavik, Portland, Budapest, Glasgow and Rotterdam Calzada, Igor 2016
Indicators of urban metabolism applied to the management of urban solid waste in the city of Tandil, Province of Buenos Aires Luciano Villalba, Roxana Banda Noriega, Rubén Donalisio, Beatriz Sosa, Adriana Díaz 2016
Linking Material Flow Analysis with Resilience Using Rice: A Case Study in Global, Visual MFA of a Key Food Product Michal Monit, André Pina, Paulo Ferrão 2016
Lisbon's womb: an approach to the city metabolism in the turn to the twentieth century Niza, Samuel and Ferreira, Daniela and Mourão, Joana and d'Almeida, Patrícia Bento and Marat-Mendes, Teresa 2016
Mapping the anthropogenic stock in Germany: Metabolic evidence for a circular economy Georg Schiller and Felix Müller and Regine Ortlepp 2016
Material Flow Accounts and Driving Factors of Economic Growth in the Philippines Martinico-Perez, Marianne Faith G. and Fishman, Tomer and Okuoka, Keijiro and Tanikawa, Hiroki 2016
Material Flow Analysis in Quebec: Methods and operationalising challenges in a circular economy perspective Audrey Morris 2016
Metabolic heat production by human and animal populations in cities Iain Stewart; Chris Kennedy 2016
Modeling of material and energy flows in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy using urban metabolism approaches Gabriela Fernandez, Igor Tereshchenko 2016
Monitoring Urban Copper Flows in Stockholm, Sweden: Implications of Changes Over Time Amneklev, Jennie and Augustsson, Anna and Sörme, Louise and Bergbäck, Bo 2016
Probing uncertainty levels of electrification in informal urban settlements: A case from South Africa Kovacic, Z. and Smit, S. and Musango, J.K. and Brent, A.C. and Giampietro, M. 2016
Quantifying Impacts of Consumption Based Charge for Carbon Intensive Materials on Products Pauliuk, Stefan, and Neuhoff, Karsten, and Owen, Anne, and Wood, Richard 2016
Resource consumption drivers and pathways to reduction: economy, policy and lifestyle impact on material flows at the national and urban scale Yuliya Kalmykova and Leonardo Rosado and João Patrício 2016
Stochastic Analysis and Forecasts of the Patterns of Speed, Acceleration, and Levels of Material Stock Accumulation in Society Tomer Fishman and Heinz Schandl and Hiroki Tanikawa 2016
Structural, geographic, and social factors in urban building energy use: Analysis of aggregated account-level consumption data in a megacity Erik Porse and Joshua Derenski and Hannah Gustafson and Zoe Elizabeth and Stephanie Pincetl 2016
Studying construction materials flows and stock: A review Vincent Augiseau and Sabine Barles 2016
Surveying the Environmental Footprint of Urban Food Consumption Goldstein, Benjamin and Birkved, Morten and Fernández, John and Hauschild, Michael 2016
The Concept of City Carbon Maps: A Case Study of Melbourne, Australia Wiedmann, Thomas O. and Chen, Guangwu and Barrett, John 2016
The Efficiency of Informality: Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Informal Recycling in Bogotá, Colombia Vergara, Sintana E. and Damgaard, Anders and Gomez, Daniel 2016
The energy metabolism of megacities Angelo Facchini and Chris Kennedy and Iain Stewart and Renata Mele 2016
The Energy Structure of the Canadian Economy Kennedy, Christopher A. and Bachmann, Christian 2016
The greening of neoliberal urbanism in Santiago de Chile: urbanisation by green enclaves and the production of a new socio-nature in Chicureo Martin Sanzana Calvet 2016
The social metabolism of Scotland: An environmental perspective S. Viglia and K.B. Matthews and D.G. Miller and D. Wardell-Johnson and M. Rivington and S. Ulgiati 2016
Toward a Political Ecology of Biosocial Relations. Rethinking the Urban Water Metabolism beyond the City Schulz, Karsten; Bruns, Antje 2016
Towards a circular economy... of proximity? ADEME and Mathieu DURAND and Jean-Baptiste BAHERS and Thomas BONIERBALE and Hélène BERAUD and Bruno BARROCA 2016
Towards a Dynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Brussels' Urban Metabolism from 1970 to 2010 Athanassiadis, Aristide and Bouillard, Philippe and Crawford, Robert H. and Khan, Ahmed Z. 2016
Towards more comprehensive urban environmental assessments: exploring the complex relationship between urban and metabolic profiles Aristide Athanassiadis 2016
Transnational city carbon footprint networks - Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities Guangwu Chen and Thomas Wiedmann and Yafei Wang and Michalis Hadjikakou 2016
Uncovering driving forces on urban metabolism—A case of Shenyang Lu Sun and Huijuan Dong and Yong Geng and Zhaoling Li and Zhe Liu and Tsuyoshi Fujita and Satoshi Ohnishi and Minoru Fujii 2016
Urban carbon transformations: unravelling spatial and inter-sectoral linkages for key city industries based on multi-region input-output analysis Guangwu Chen and Michalis Hadjikakou and Thomas Wiedmann 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Burger Chakraborty, Laura and Sahakian, Marlyne and Rani, Uma and Shenoy*, Megha and Erkman, Suren 2016
Urban Food Consumption in Metro Manila: Interdisciplinary Approaches Towards Apprehending Practices, Patterns, and Impacts Burger Chakraborty, Laura and Sahakian, Marlyne and Rani, Uma and Shenoy, Megha and Erkman, Suren 2016
Urban metabolism profiles. An empirical analysis of the material flow characteristics of three metropolitan areas in Sweden Leonardo Rosado and Yuliya Kalmykova and João Patrício 2016
Using change detection data to assess amount and composition of demolition waste from buildings in Vienna Fritz Kleemann; Hubert Lehner; Anna Szczypińska; Jakob Lederer; Johann Fellner 2016
Volume control: Stormwater and the politics of urban metabolism Joshua Cousins 2016
A Cities Approach to Sustainability Daniel Hoornweg 2015
A multi-regional soil phosphorus balance for exploring secondary fertilizer potential: the case of Norway Hanserud, Ola Stedje, and Brod, Eva, and Ødegaard, Anne Falk, and Müller, Daniel B., and Brattebø, Helge 2015
A political-industrial ecology of water supply infrastructure for Los Angeles Cousins, Joshua J. and Newell, Joshua P. 2015
Analysis of High-Resolution Utility Data for Understanding Energy Use in Urban Systems: The Case of Los Angeles, California Pincetl, Stephanie and Graham, Robert and Murphy, Sinnott and Sivaraman, Deepak 2015
Carbon, water and energy fluxes of terrestrial ecosystems in Italy Dario Papale, Mirco Migliavacca, Edoardo Cremonese, Alessandro Cescatti, Giorgio Alberti, Nicola Arriga, Manuela Balzarolo, Luca Belelli, Eleonora Canfora, Raffaele Casa, Pierpaolo Duce, Osvaldo Facini, Marta Galvagno, Lorenzo Genesio, Damiano Gianelle, Enzo Magliulo, Giorgio Matteucci, Leonardo Montagnani, Fabio Petrella, Andrea Pitacco, Guenther Seufert, Donatella Spano, Paolo Stefani, Francesco Vaccari, Riccardo Valentini 2015
City, Ecology, Climate and the Common Good: State of Affairs, Challenges and Perspectives from Latin America. Delgado Ramos, Gian Carlo 2015
Combined MFA and LCA approach to evaluate the metabolism of service polygons: A case study on a university campus Lopes Silva, Diogo Aparecido; de Oliveira, José Augusto; Saavedra, Yovana M.B.; Ometto, Aldo Roberto; Rieradevall i Pons, Joan; Gabarrell Durany, Xavier 2015
Competition for land: a sociometabolic perspective Helmut Haberl 2015
Complementary uses of Environmentally Extended Input Output Analysis and Material Flow Analysis to assess impacts Cooper, Samuel and Cabrera Serrenho, Andre and Owen, Anne 2015
Energy and material flows of megacities Kennedy, Christopher A. and Stewart, Iain and Facchini, Angelo and Cersosimo, Igor and Mele, Renata and Chen, Bin and Uda, Mariko and Kansal, Arun and Chiu, Anthony and Kim, Kwi-gon and Dubeux, Carolina and Lebre La Rovere, Emilio and Cunha, Bruno and Pin 2015
Exploring the relationship between Melbourne's water metabolism and urban characteristics Aristide Athanassiadis, Robert H Crawford, Philippe Bouillard 2015
Fluxes of urban pollution from the city of Naples (IT) D. Famulari, I. Russo, R. Vuolo, G. Tirimberio, P. Di Tommasi, A. Esposito, G. Agrillo, M. Tosca, B. Gioli, E. Magliulo, A. Mazzarella, R. Viola, A. Riccio, A. Zaldei, P. Toscano 2015
Implementing Smart Urban Metabolism in the Stockholm Royal Seaport: Smart City SRS Shahrokni, Hossein and Årman, Louise and Lazarevic, David and Nilsson, Anders and Brandt, Nils 2015
In-use product stocks link manufactured capital to natural capital Wei-Qiang Chen and T.E. Graedal 2015
Indicators for sustainable cities Science for Environment Policy 2015
Intensive measurements of PM above the city of Naples (Southern Italy) D. Famulari , I. Russo, R. Vuolo , D. Piscitelli, P. DiTommasi, A. Esposito, M. Tosca, G. Agrillo, D. Gasbarra, L. Schindler, B. Gioli , E. Magliulo, A. Zaldei , A. Mazzarella, R. Viola , N. Scafetta, G. Tirimberio, E. Chianese, A. Riccio, P. Toscano 2015
Investigating Cross-Sectoral Synergies through Integrated Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Agriculture Phosphorus Assessments: A Case Study of Norway Hamilton, Helen A., and Brod, Eva, and Hanserud, Ola S., and Gracey, Erik O., and Vestrum, Magnus I., and Bøen, Anne, and Steinhoff, Franciska S., and Müller, Daniel B., and Brattebø, Helge 2015
Le potentiel d'écologie industrielle en France : approche territoriale et éléments de réalisation, Thèse, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne Georgeault Laurent 2015
Maintenance and Expansion: Modeling Material Stocks and Flows for Residential Buildings and Transportation Networks in the EU25 Wiedenhofer, Dominik and Steinberger, Julia K. and Eisenmenger, Nina and Haas, Willi 2015
Mass, energy, and emergy analysis of the metabolism of Macao Kampeng Lei and Lu Liu and Dan Hu and Inchio Lou 2015
Material flow analysis applied to rare earth elements in Europe Guyonnet, Dominique and Planchon, Mariane and Rollat, Alain and Escalon, Victoire and Tuduri, Johann and Charles, Nicolas and Vaxelaire, Stéphane and Dubois, Didier and Fargier, Hélène 2015
Material Flow Analysis as a Decision Support Tool for Waste Management: A Literature Review Allesch, Astrid and Brunner, Paul H 2015
Material Flow Analysis for a Circular Economy Development: A Material Stock Quantification Method of Urban Civil Infrastructures with a Case Study of PVC in an Amsterdam Neighbourhood Carolin Bellstedt 2015
Mercury emissions by Beijing׳s fossil energy consumption: Based on environmentally extended input-output analysis J.S. Li and G.Q. Chen and T. Hayat and A. Alsaedi 2015
Metabolism of Brussels-Capital Region: identification of flows, economic actors and activities on the territory and tracks of reflection for resource optimisation Bruxelles Environnement and BATir and EcoRes and ICEDD 2015
Overcoming the "black box" approach of urban metabolism Aristide Athanassiadis, Robert H Crawford, Philippe Bouillard 2015
Social metabolism: a metrics for biophysical growth and degrowth Marina Fischer-Kowalski and Helmut Haberl 2015
Study report. Accounting for material flows in Brittany, 2011 Arnaud Cochet and Frédéric Maymil and Samia Sediri 2015
The Baltimore School of Urban Ecology: Space, Scale and Time for the Study of Cities Grove, J.M. and Cadenasso, M. and Pickett, S.T.A. and Burch, W.R., Jr. and Machlis, G.E. 2015
The ferrous find: Counting iron and steel stocks in China's economy Wang, Tao, and Müller, Daniel B., and Hashimoto, Senji 2015
The global anthropogenic gallium system: Determinants of demand, supply, and efficiency improvement Løvik, Amund N., and Resrepo, Eliette, and Müller, Daniel B. 2015
The socio-economic drivers of material stock accumulation in Japan's prefectures Fishman, Tomer and Schandl, Heinz and Tanikawa, Hiroki 2015
The Spanish Transition to Industrial Metabolism: Long-Term Material Flow Analysis (1860-2010) Infante-Amate, Juan and Soto, David and Aguilera, Eduardo and García-Ruiz, Roberto and Guzmán, Gloria and Cid, Antonio and González de Molina, Manuel 2015
The weight of society over time and space: a comprehensive account of the construction material stock of Japan, 1945-2010 Tanikawa, Hiroki and Fishman, Tomer and Okuoka, Keijiro and Sugimoto, Kenji 2015
Theodor Weyl: A Pioneer of Urban Metabolism Studies Lederer, Jakob and Kral, Ulrich 2015
Toward a Practical Ontology for Socioeconomic Metabolism Pauliuk, Stefan, and Majeau-Bettez, Guillaume, and Müller, Daniel B., and Hertwich, Edgar G. 2015
Toward Social Material Flow Analysis: On the Usefulness of Boundary Objects in Urban Mining Research Wallsten, Björn 2015
Towards Urban Resource Flow Estimates in Data Scarce Environments: The Case of African Cities Currie, Paul and Lay-Sleeper, Ethan and Fernandez, John E and Kim, Jenny and Musango, Josephine Kaviti 2015
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Indicators at Different Spatial Levels Patrício, João and Kalmykova, Yuliya and Rosado, Leonardo and Lisovskaja, Vera 2015
Understanding Urban Metabolism: A Tool for Urban Planning Chrysoulakis, N. and Castro, E. A. and Moors, E. J. 2015
Urban Economies Resource Productivity and Decoupling: Metabolism Trends of 1996--2011 in Sweden, Stockholm, and Gothenburg Kalmykova, Yuliya and Rosado, Leonardo and Patrício, João 2015
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input-output analysis and ecological network analysis Shaoqing Chen and Bin Chen 2015
Urban Metabolism and Quality of Life in Informal Areas Attia, Sahar; Khalil, Heba Allah E. 2015
Urban Metabolism of Recycling and Reusing Food Waste: A Case Study in Taipei City Tseng, Wei-Lun and Chiueh, Pei-Te 2015
Urban Metabolism: A Review of Current Knowledge and Directions for Future Study Yan Zhang and Zhifeng Yang and Xiangyi Yu 2015
Urban metabolism: Measuring the city's contribution to sustainable development Leonardo S. Conke and Tainá L. Ferreira 2015
Urban-Scale Material Flow Analysis in a South African Context: A Cape Town Feasibility Study Paul Hoekman 2015
What Drives Austrian Raw Material Consumption?: A Structural Decomposition Analysis for the Years 1995 to 2007 Wenzlik, Manuel and Eisenmenger, Nina and Schaffartzik, Anke 2015
A Material Flow Accounting Case Study of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area using the Urban Metabolism Analyst Model Leonardo Rosado 2014
A material flow model for impurity accumulation in beverage can recycling systems Løvik, Amund N., and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Accounting for the Material Stock of Nations Fishman, Tomer and Schandl, Heinz and Tanikawa, Hiroki and Walker, Paul and Krausmann, Fridolin 2014
An approach to the ecological footprint of Malargüe, Argentina Iturbe, Andrea; Guerrero, Elsa Marcela 2014
An integrated material metabolism model for stocks of urban road system in Beijing, China Guo, Zhen; Hu, Dan; Zhang, Fuhua; Huang, Guolong; Xiao, Qiang 2014
Analysis of Egyptian Cities towards Sustainable Urban Metabolism Nourhan Magdy 2014
Comparing the GTAP-MRIO and WIOD Databases for Carbon Footprint Analysis Arto, Iñaki and Rueda-Cantuche, José M. and Peters, Glen P. 2014
Component- and alloy-specific modeling for evaluating aluminium recycling strategies for vehicles Modarsi, Roja, and Løvik, Amund N., and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Comptes des flux de matières à l'échelle de l'économie 2008-2012 Guy Vandille 2014
Concepts and methodologies for measuring the sustainability of cities Yetano Roche, María and Lechtenböhmer, Stefan and Fischedick, Manfred and Gröne, Marie-Christine and Xia, Chun and Dienst, Carmen 2014
Consumption-based Material Flow Accounting Schaffartzik, Anke and Eisenmenger, Nina and Krausmann, Fridolin and Weisz, Helga 2014
Developing a multi-layered indicator set for urban metabolism studies in megacities Kennedy, Chris and Stewart, Iain D. and Ibrahim, Nadine and Facchini, Angelo and Mele, Renata 2014
Dynamic material flow analysis for PCBs in the Norwegian building stock Bergsdal, Håvard, and Bratterbø, Helge, and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Dynamic Models of Fixed Capital Stocks and Their Application in Industrial Ecology Pauliuk, Stefan and Wood, Richard and Hertwich, Edgar G. 2014
Ecological network analysis of an urban metabolic system based on input-output tables: Model development and case study for Beijing Zhang, Yan and Zheng, Hongmei and Fath, Brian D. and Liu, Hong and Yang, Zhifeng and Liu, Gengyuan and Su, Meirong 2014
Estimation of Life Cycle Material Costs of Cadmium Telluride– and Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide–Photovoltaic Absorber Materials based on Life Cycle Material Flows Max Marwede and Armin Reller 2014
Exploring urban mines: Pipe length and material stocks in urban water and wastewater networks Pauliuk, Stefan, and Govindarajan, Venkatesh, and Bratterbø, Helge, and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
GIS and Urban Mining Zhu, Xuan 2014
Global carbon benefits of material substitution in passenger cars until 2050 and the impact of the steel and aluminium industries Modarsi, Roja, and Pauliuk, Stefan, and Løvik, Amund N., and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Global patterns of material flows and their socio-economic and environmental implications: a MFA study on all countries world-wide from 1980 to 2009 Giljum, Stefan and Dittrich, Monika and Lieber, Mirko and Lutter, Stephan 2014
Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production: Patterns, Trends, and Planetary Boundaries. Helmut Haberl, Karl-Heinz Erb, Fridolin Krausmann 2014
Incorporating Bio-Physical Sciences into a Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Urban Planning Mitraka, Z. and Diamantakis, E. and Chrysoulakis, N. and Castro, E. A. and San Jose, R. and Gonzalez, A. and Blecic, I 2014
Island Waste Management Systems Eckelman, Matthew J and Ashton, Weslynne and Arakaki, Yuji and Hanaki, Keisuke and Nagashima, Shunsuke and Malone-Lee, Lai Choo 2014
Long-term strategies for increased recycling of automotive aluminium and its alloying elements Løvik, Amund N., and Modaresi, Roja, and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Material Flow Analysis (MFA) for Liveable Cities Dexter V.L. Hunt; Joanne M. Leach; Susan E. Lee, Chris Bouch, Peter Braithwaite, Christopher D.F. Rogers 2014
Measuring urban ecosystem functions through ‘Technomass'—A novel indicator to assess urban metabolism Inostroza, Luis 2014
Metabolism of megacities: A review and synthesis of the literature Iain Stewart; Chris Kennedy; Angelo Facchini 2014
Patterns of change in material use and material efficiency in the successor states of the former Soviet Union Schandl, Heinz and West, James and Krausmann, Fridolin and Kovanda, Jan and Hak, Tomas 2014
Peak Waste: When is it Likely to Occur? Hoornweg, Daniel and Bhada-Tata, Perinaz and Kennedy, Christopher 2014
Political ecology of water: theoretical-methodological reflections for the study of irrigation in the province of Mendoza. Robin Larsimont 2014
Resource Use in Small Island States Krausmann, Fridolin and Richter, Regina and Eisenmenger, Nina 2014
Resource use in the Chinese building sector : foundations for analyzing urban transition. Accuardi, Z.A.C. 2014
Sinks as limited resources? A new indicator for evaluating anthropogenic material flows Ulrich Kral, Paul Brunner, Pi-Cheng Chen, Sih-Rong Chen 2014
Spatial allocation of material flow analysis in residential developments: a case study of Kildare County, Ireland Roy, Manoj and Curry, Robin and Ellis, Geraint 2014
Stadtentwicklung im Nexus von Ressourcenschonung und Klimaschutz Müller, Daniel B., and 2014
Systematic Evaluation of Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Laner, David and Rechberger, Helmut and Astrup, Thomas 2014
The Copper Balance of Cities Kral, Ulrich and Lin, Chih-Yi and Kellner, Katharina and Ma, Hwong-wen and Brunner, Paul H. 2014
The global metabolic transition: Regional patterns and trends of global material flows, 1950--2010 Schaffartzik, Anke and Mayer, Andreas and Gingrich, Simone and Eisenmenger, Nina and Loy, Christian and Krausmann, Fridolin 2014
The Global Resource Footprint of Nations Arnold Tukker and Tatyana Bulavskaya and Stefan Giljum and Arjan de Koning and Stephan Lutter and Moana Simas and Konstantin Stadler and Richard Wood 2014
The role of in-use stocks in the social metabolism and in climate change mitigation Pauliuk, Stefan, and Müller, Daniel B. 2014
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Rechberger, Helmut and Cencic, Oliver and Frühwirth, Rudolf 2014
Unintentional Flow of Alloying Elements in Steel during Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles Hajime Ohno 2014
Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia Alfonso Piña, William H. and Pardo Martínez, Clara Inés 2014
Urban Metabolism - Sustainable development of Rotterdam Gemente Rotterdam and IABR and FABRIC and JCFO and TNO 2014
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