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Sustainable Urban Metabolism

Sustainable Urban Metabolism
Paulo Ferrão
John E. Fernández
Journal Article
MIT Press
Table of Contents:

Part I: Urban Metabolism: Defining a Field

1. Industrial Ecology: A Metaphor for Sustainable Development
2. Urban Metabolism: Resource Consumption of Cities
3. Intellectual Foundations and Key Insights

Part II: Industrial Ecology: A Framework

4. Industrial Ecology: A Framework of Tools and Practices
5. Industrial Ecology as a Framework for a Sustainable Urban Metabolism

Part III: Sustainable Urban Systems

6. Green Urban Policies and Development
7. Urban Typologies: Prospects and Indicators
8. Complexities and Dynamics of Urban Systems
9. Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Urban Metabolism

Part IV: Mapping and Assessing Urban Metabolism

10. Urban Metabolism in Practice: Case Studies from Developed Countries
11. The Challenge of Urban Metabolism in a Developing Context
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