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Material Flow Analysis of the City of Hamburg

Material Flow Analysis of the City of Hamburg
Mark Hammer
Stefan Giljum
Friedrich Hinterberger
Journal Article
Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI)
In this paper we present first results of a local MFA for the City of Hamburg. Material flows have been accounted for the years 1992-2001. Material input and consumption indicators for Hamburg increased during this last ten years. Material flows are almost overall dominated by imports and a big share of the imports is re-exported again showing the role of Hamburg as an international harbour. Material consumption per capita and per GDP is lower in Hamburg than in overall Germany. But different to Germany where material inputs and consumption stayed stable in per capita terms and declined in relation to GDP in Hamburg material inputs and consumption per capita and per GDP increased.
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Various data points are available from this publication within our Global Urban Metabolism Dataset. Click the links below to see the datapoints that are available from this work.


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