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Stefan Pauliuk

University of Freiburg

Publications related to (urban) metabolism by Stefan Pauliuk

14 publication(s) found.
Title Author(s) Year
Quantifying Impacts of Consumption Based Charge for Carbon Intensive Materials on Products 2016
Toward a Practical Ontology for Socioeconomic Metabolism 2015
Dynamic Models of Fixed Capital Stocks and Their Application in Industrial Ecology 2014
Global carbon benefits of material substitution in passenger cars until 2050 and the impact of the steel and aluminium industries 2014
The role of in-use stocks in the social metabolism and in climate change mitigation 2014
Exploring urban mines: Pipe length and material stocks in urban water and wastewater networks 2014
Carbon emissions of infrastructure development 2013
The Roles of Energy and Material Efficiency in Meeting Steel Industry CO2 Targets 2013
The Steel Scrap Age 2013
Transforming the Norwegian Dwelling Stock to reach the 2 Degrees Celsius Climate Target 2013
Steel all over the world: Estimating in-use stocks of iron for 200 countries 2013
Moving Toward the Circular Economy: The Role of Stocks in the Chinese Steel Cycle 2012
Moving towards the circular economy - the role of stocks in the Chinese steel cycle 2012
Reconciling sectoral abatement strategies with global climate targets: The case of the Chinese passenger vehicle fleet 2012

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