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Apr 17

MultipliCity presentations in Czech Republic

  • Tuesday Apr 17, 2018

Metabolism of Cities has started a presentation series! In these presentations our new MultipliCity project will be shared with different groups. This first round of presentations will include a number...

Apr 03

Urban metabolism interviews now available

  • Tuesday Apr 03, 2018

From January-March 2018, Metabolism of Cities has run a Stakeholders Initiative with the topic of urban metabolism interviews.  During the ISIE/ISSST 2017 Conference in Chicago, various members of the...

Apr 01

MultipliCity: Montreal Edition - crowdsourcing urban metabolism data

  • Sunday Apr 01, 2018

In the framework of Climate CoLab contest on circular economy (which is supported by the Ville de Montréal and ICLEI), we have submitted a project proposal. It's about developing Montréal's urban metabolism...