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Data Visualization Examples - All Images

Metropolitan Toronto energy flow Sankey diagram for 1988
Lombardy region, Italy: energy consumption in the agriculture sector
The energy metabolism of the Lombardy region in northern Italy
Material flow accounting of an Indian village
Urban Metabolism: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Urban Metabolism: City of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Urban Metabolism: Metro Manila, Phillippines
Los Angeles Net Solar Potential
Cities that think like planets: complexity, resilience, and innovation in hybrid ecosystems
Power from the sun 1953
Major agglomerations of the world
Italia Post-Metropoli Atlante
Urban metabolism methodologies
Water consumption in Los Angeles
Material flow diagram from 1969
Hong Kong's material flows in 1978
Urban metabolism methodologies and scales
Metabolic network model for urban carbon metabolism
Metabolic pattern in Shanghai
Cape Town Population Density
Water flows in Amsterdam
Modeling of material and energy flows in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Word Map
Six maps that show the anatomy of America's vast infrastructure
The urban metabolism of Plaine Commune in 2012
Direct Material Consumption and Water use in Lisbon
Electricity and natural gas use in Amsterdam (open data)
Cities as urban mines
Ideal Urban Metabolism
How much is left?
Global iron stocks (in use and reserves)
Flows and stocks of goods in the anthroposphere of Vienna, Austria
Material Flow Analysis of the Italian Economy 1994
Interactive Visualization and Measurement of Urban Areas 2012
Bangalore Urban Metabolism Project (BUMP) 2011
Absolute and Per square foot of Residential and Commerical Energy use in Los Angeles
The Urban Metabolism of Rotterdam (flow of goods)
The Material Footprint of Global Consumption
Resource and waste flows for 27 megacities in 2011
Bilan de flux de matière pour la Région de Bretagne 2011
Tracing the global path of hazardous garbage
How Populations and Vehicle Densities affect Air Quality in India
Los Angeles County Energy Atlas
Electricity consumption in Hong Kong in 2010
Imports and exports of Ile-de-France
Periodic Table of Elements - Part 2
Elements according to relative abundance in the Earth's crust
The urban metabolism of the Toronto Port Lands
The material turnover of primitive man in his private household
The metabolic flows for Sydney, Australia in 1990
Abel Wolman's Metabolism of Cities
A comparative visualization of urban bike mobility
The copper balance of Taipei in 2009
The urban metabolism of Geneva in 2000
In-use product stocks drive anthropogenic material cycles and provide functions or services demanded by modern human society
Simplified value chain of a passenger vehicle
Global anthropogenic metallurgical aluminium cycle in 2009
Abatement curve to reduce or prevent GHG emission in the United States
Changing global trade and the digital revolution
The material balance of Ile-de-France
Melbourne Urban Forest
The urban metabolism of London in 2000
Analyzing spatial patterns of urban carbon metabolism: A case study in Beijing, China
Spatial distribution of the material stocked in buildings in Japan
Abbreviated Urban Metabolism for Beijing
The urban metabolism of Rennes
Nitrogen flows within different western European agrarian systems
Traffic Flow Change in Hong Kong
Flows of embodied GHG emissions related to Melbourne
Urban Metabolism of Bangkok for the year 2000
Interactive Urban Metabolism diagram of Paris
Inter-regional flows of embodied carbon emissions
The Urban Metabolism of Brussels in 2010
Consumption of direct and primary energy for three urbanisation forms in Kenitra
Final energy consumption and GHG emissions by sector for Brussels Capital Region in 2010
Representation of a sustainable metabolism for the Toronto Port Lands
General overview of Brussels urban metabolism in 2011
MetaFlow diagram for food
The urban ecosystem of Charleroi
The urban ecosystem of Kenitra
HDI/Population/Population Density of 155 cities
Abbreviated Urban Metabolism for Rio de Janeiro
Toronto household mass and energy flows
Hong Kong's material flows
In-use copper stocks in Cape Town
Urban metabolism of Toronto vs Hong Kong
Lisbon material balance
Glass packaging in New Jersey
One of the first urban metabolism illustrations
Imports into Hamburg
Material Flow Austria
The urban ecosystem of Brussels

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